Management structure


Coordinator: The Coordinator of the project is INRA, represented by Prof. Nathalie Gontard. Her very primary role is to represent the Consortium towards the EC and the Consortium as well as to be the promoter and supervisor of the overall technical and scientific progress of EcoBioCAP.
The General Assembly: it is the decision-making body of the project. Chaired by the project coordinator, it is composed of one representative per partner, each having one vote for decision-making. The General Assembly is responsible for the strategic and political orientation of the Project
The Executive Committee: it is the decision-implementing body of the project. It is made up of the leaders of each workpackage and chaired by the coordinator. The Executive Committee is in charge of the operational management of all the activities of the Project. Its composition is:
·         Prof. Nathalie Gontard, Project Coordinator, WP8 leader
·         Dr. Andras Sebok, CBHU, WP1 leader
·         Dr. Jose Maria Lagaron, CSIC, WP2 leader
·         Dr. Mauro Majone , UNIROMA, WP2 deputy-leader
·         Dr. Claudia Schönweitz, FRAUNHOFER, WP3 leader
·         Dr. Hélène Angellier, INRA, WP4 leader
·         Dr. Lilia Arhné, SIK, WP5 leader
·         Dr. Antonio Vicente, UMinho, WP6 leader
·         Mrs. Bénédicte Ferreira, IT, WP7 Leader
The Stakeholder Advisory Board
The objective of the Stakeholders Board is on the one hand to provide external points of view on the way to conduct the project so it brings maximum outcomes to the society, on the other hand to advise the consortium as to where and how the most promising results in terms of exploitation should be transferred. In order to be able to deal with the broad scope of biodegradable food packaging, the strategy relies on the strong involvement of all stakeholders on all potential levels of action. An open dialogue and the creation of incentives to apply sound design thinking in relevant decisions are the main fundaments upon which EcoBioCAP integrated approach will build on.
The SAB is currently composed of:

·        Kevin O’Connor from Bioplastech (PHA packaging producer from plastic by-products), Ireland

·        Shameem Kazmi from Exoplastics (Environmental packaging), UK

·        Jamie Moffat       Innovia Films Ltd (Biodegradable mutli-layer films for packaging), UK

·        Peter Ragaert from the Pack4Food consortium         (Food packaging companies association)     , Belgium

·        Dr. Didier Beudon, Gwenn Messager, Florence Coulon             from Soredab sas               (Dairy industry, Bongrain group), France

·        Dr. Alan Campbell from Campden BRI UK (R&D organisation in food sector), UK

·        Wynn Wiksell      from GenMills     (Food company), USA

·        Xuejun Chen and Dongving Ling from           Ningbo Tianan Biologic Materials Co Ltd      , China

·        Joséphine Pitré    and Marion Claustre from Medithau Marée SA (production, purification & dispatching of shellfish), France

·        Dr. Serge Rohmer from the University of Technology of Troyes (Research on eco-design, environmental assessment, industrial ecology, governance), France

 This composition evolves along the project according to the people who are interested in joining the project.



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