EcoBioCAP will provide new knowledge on how biodegradable packaging can be derived from food industry by-products and suitable to different food types (in particular fresh foods), in an economic and sustainable manner . EcoBioCAP is based on fundamental research supporting strategic directions applied to food biodegradable packaging.

The research baseline of EcoBioCAP will focus on acquiring integrated knowledge towards improved understanding and prediction of the behaviour of biodegradable packaging/food systems.

Research will breakthrough a fundamental knowledge barrier in understanding the relationship between process, structure and properties at different scales (molecular, nano, micro, macrto scopic levels) of agro and bio-polymers and composite materials, as well as their physico-chemical stability and interactions with food.


To achieve this overall objective EcoBioCAP will:
- In a first WP, carry out a strategic analysis of stakeholders requirements in terms of food quality and safety, but also cost, technical and environmental impact, in order to provide the right inputs to the further steps of the project, with the development of modelling and decision support tools.
- In a 2nd WP, to produce, select and characterise constituents issued from food industry by-products, to be used to develop finalised packaging materials, based on these requirements ;
- The 3rd WP will be devoted to the development of a variety of optimized multilayer composite materials for flexible films and semi-rigid trays with barriers and respiring properties to fulfill the requirements of the targeted food types;

The objective in terms of applying the research outcomes is to develop biodegradable materials adapted to MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) of fresh and perishable foods. The resulting packaging materials will be assessed with respect to their industrial applicability, to their ability to answer to consumer needs to preserve food quality and safety, and with respect to their impact on the environment.

- In the 4th WP, the key issues of physico-chemical and microbial stability and safety of the developed packaging materials will be investigated;
- And in the 5th , the environmental impact of the EcoBioCAP packaging across the full life-cycle will be evaluated;
- eventually, the 6th WP will take care of assessing the up-scalability of the packaging solutions developed at lab scale; the efficacy of packaging prototypes in preserving food quality and safety and to optimise the EcoBioCAP packaging technology via industrial pilots in preparation for full exploitation.


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