WP2 - Development of packaging constituents by upgrading food industry by-products;

Workpackage Leader: Jose Maria Lagaron - Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones (CSIC)


WP objectives: WP2 is aimed at exploiting available food industry by-products to make them usable elements in the constitution of novel food biopackaging. WP2 will address the production, optimization and also characterization of a range of relevant identified constituents to be used for the formulation of food packaging in WP3. These polymeric and non-polymeric constituents will fulfil the functions needed to achieve the specifications required for the project (including specifications previously determined in WP1). Specifically, the objectives of this WP2 are:
• Production, optimization and characterization of the microbial biopolyester PHA, which will be produced from liquid effluents from the olive and dairy industry.
• Production, optimization and characterization of fibre-based fractions (from solid residues of beer, olive and wheat industry).
• Production, optimization and characterization of tailored and high performance additives and adhesives.

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