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FACET Creation of a food chemical exposure surveillance system, sustainable beyond the life of the project, which covers representative regions of the EU and which will meet, to the highest possible standard, the needs of the EU regulatory authorities in the protection of consumer health.
MIGRESIVES Research Programme on migration from adhesives in Food Packaging Materials in Support of European Legislation adn standardization.
ReBioFoam Development of a flexible and energy-efficient pressurized microwave heating process to produce 3D-shaped REnewable BIO-polymer FOAMs for a novel generation of transportation packaging.
multiHYBRIDS Develop innovative factory of the future with integrated technologies for the preparation of advanced specialty materials based on industrially important new polymer hybrids and nanocomposites whereby the synthesis and modification of the inorganic phase is achieved through the use of precursors that are to be made easily dispersible in the organic polymer matrix.
AIP Competence Platform Development of tools to communicate advanced technologies on active and intelligent packaging to meet the needs and trends in food processing and retailing and to improve the knowledge transfer
Sustain Pack Establish fibre-based packaging as the dominant player in the packaging area within a decade. It will achieve this by applying nanotechnology solutions to deliver lean and added value fibre-based packaging options for users and consumers.
WheyLayer Develop a whey protein-coated plastic films to replace expensive polymers and increase recyclability which will enable to replace currently used synthetic oxygen-barrier layers with whey protein.
NAMASTE Develop innovative, comprehensive and industry-relevant approaches for the valorization of citrus, mango and pomegranates by-products and wheat and rice bran through the environmentally and economically sustainable conversion of these by-products into healthy food ingredients, foods and feeds.
TRUE - Traditional United Europe Food

Introduce suitable innovations into traditional food industry to maintain and increase the competitiveness of the industry in an increasingly global European market place.
Transparent Food Contribute to the development of transparency in the sector by supporting understanding of its complexities, identifying the present state-of-the-art, learning from experiences, making stakeholders aware, specifying deficiencies and research needs, and formulating a research framework for facilitating future research initiatives.
AgriFoodResults Answer the need for a better dissemination of results of food research. The vision is to improve the cost effectiveness of agri-food research activities by enhancing the transfer of the results to the end-users.
HEALTH GRAIN: Exploiting Bioactivity of European Cereal Grains for Improved Nutrition and Health Benefits Improving the well-being and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome related diseases in Europe by increasing the intake of protective compounds in whole grains or their fractions and by producing health promoting and safe cereal foods and ingredients of high eating quality.
NOVELQ: Novel processing methods for the production and distribution of high-quality and safe foods Develop and successfully demonstrate - eco-friendly - novel processing technologies (high pressure processing, pulsed electric field processing, plasma, advanced heating technologies and packaging) for improved quality (fresh-like character, extended shelf-life) food.
HIGHTECH EUROPE Provide the building blocks for the establishment of the first European Institut for Food Processing (EU-IFP). It will research and develop the necessary means for achieving a durable integration of the R&D and knowledge transfer capacities between academics and industry.

Development of innovative and safe packaging systems
Development of safety assessment methodologies.
SustainComp Introduce several families of new advanced wood-based bio-(nano)composites for a number of commercial sectors in society. A successful project will result in an array of new high-value wood-based materials using resource efficient, and therefore sustainable, production methods.


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