NEWS - EcoBioCAP seminar presentations are now available!

A public seminar dedicated to the building of the next generation of sustainable food packaging in Europe was organized in the premises of SUPAGRO-Campus in Montpellier on the 26th February 2015.

The main themes of this event were devoted to Ressource efficiency, Innovations and Safety in food packaging with discussions and debates involving invited guest speakers, EcoBioCAP partners and outside participants. The objectives were to define together R&D priorities and to lay down the basis of future collaborations and projects.

The seminar was a success! Thank you to all our keynote speakers and all participants. The presentations made during the seminar can be downloaded below:

- Seminar Agenda download

- Welcome Address download

- Developing packaging constituents from food industry wastes (WP2) download

- BioBottle Project- Biodegradable solutions for packaging of liquid dairy products download

- Substitution of chemical phenols by plant polyphenol for processing phenolic bio-materials download

- Packaging formulation & structuration strategy to fit food requirements (WP3) download

- Nextgenpack Project and Alliance (Active and Intelligent Bio-sourced Packaging) download

- Intelligent food packaging-RFID bio-based sensing label to monitor food shelf-life download

- Biopolymer characterization: an essential step for their valorization in nanomaterials download

- Risk assessment of food packaging containing nanoparticles download

- Active packaging: Controlled release of microbial agents from packaging materials download

- The content of heavy metals in the recycled paper for use in the packaging sector download

- Stability & safety of wastes-based packaging materials (WP4) download

- Environmental impact of wastes-based food packaging (WP5) download

- Building a feasible business case on the valorization of agricultural waste streams download

- RMT PROPACK FOOD: a network of scientific and technical experts download

- How and why private companies make the choice of investing into collaborative research download

- Industrial applicability (WP6) download

- Scale-up and process integration in Industrial Biotechnology download

- Spinning off academic research to commercialize Nanobiotech Products

- Testimonies of SMEs involved in European projects 

  Fuerstplast, Nîmes, Fr: Plastic Trays manufacturer download

  Le Fedou, Hyelzas, Fr: Traditional cheese maker download

  Alterbio, Perpignan, Fr: Organic fruits and vegetables distributor download

 Seminar Minutes download



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