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Mar-11-2015 - EcoBioCAP seminar presentations are now available!
Feb-28-2015 - EcoBioCAP's newsletter : 6th issue is available!
Jan-28-2015 - Agenda of EcoBiocap seminar
Jan-20-2015 - Register for EcoBioCAP Public Seminar
Oct-29-2014 - EcoBioCAP workshop
Sep-29-2014 - EcoBioCAP's newsletter : 5th issue is available!
Mar-06-2014 - EcoBioCAP's newsletter: 4th issue is available!
Feb-18-2014 - EcoBioCAP on Youtube!
Feb-18-2014 - EcoBioCAP in INRA webseries
Oct-12-2013 - EcoBioCAP Annual Meeting 2014
Oct-08-2013 - EcoBioCAP public workshop at the European Symposium on Biopolymers
Sep-04-2013 - EcoBioCAP's newsletter: 3rd issue is available!
May-12-2013 - EcoBioCAP Annual Meeting 2013
Mar-21-2013 - EcoBioCAP's newsletter: 2nd issue is available!
Mar-05-2013 - EcoBioCAP is looking for a partner
Mar-04-2013 - EcoBioCAP at the International Agricultural Show
Mar-01-2013 - EcoBioCAP next General Meeting
Oct-11-2012 - EcoBioCAP's newsletter
Apr-23-2012 - 2012 International Conference on Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (AMSE 2012)
Apr-19-2012 - EcobioCAP at EMB2012 conference!
Apr-19-2012 - EcoBioCAP at Bio'N Day conference
Apr-11-2012 - Brochure
Dec-13-2011 - EcoBioCAP Annual Meeting 2012
Oct-24-25-2011 - External Event: Conference Europe for sustainable Plastics
Sep-15-2011 - External Event: Conference "Natural Fibers and Polymer"
Jul-03-2011 - Ecobiocap website is launched
16th - 18th March 2011 - EcoBioCap Kick-off meeting
Mar-01-2011 - Launch of EcoBioCAP

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