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Download file EcoBioCAP KoM agenda
Download file Useful links (other related projects)
Download file EcoBioCAP presentation This presentation explains the origin and objetives of the project as well as the methodology.
Download file EcoBioCAP Newsletter-Issue 1
Download file EcoBioCAP Newsletter - Issue 2
Download file EcoBioCAP brochure 2013
Download file EcoBioCAP Newsletter - Issue 3
Download file Report on the physical-chemical stability of some selected packaging materials Deliverable (pdf)
Download file Report on the microbial stability of some selected packaging materials Deliverable (pdf)
Download file EcoBioCAP Newsletter - Issue 4 EcoBioCAP Newsletter - Issue 4
Download file EcoBioCAP Newsletter - Issue 5 EcoBioCAP Newsletter - Issue 5
Download file EcoBioCAP seminar flyer EcoBioCAP public seminar
Download file Agenda of the seminar Agenda of the public seminar
Download file EcoBioCAP Newsletter-Issue 6 EcoBioCAP Newsletter-Issue 6
Download file Seminar Agenda Agenda
Download file Welcome address Welcome address
Download file Flash Focus WP2
Download file AIMPLAS BioBottle Project
Download file Flash Focus WP3
Download file Nextgenpack Project and Alliance
Download file Flash Focus RFID
Download file Biopolymer characterization C Grandfils
Download file Flash Focus Risk assessment Nanomaterials
Download file Flash Focus Active packaging
Download file Heavy metal content Recycling industry
Download file Flash Focus WP4
Download file Flash Focus WP5
Download file Business case BUMAGA NL
Download file RMT Propack Food Network presentation
Download file Investing in collaborative research Novamont
Download file Flash Focus WP6
Download file Scale-up and process integration in Bioctechnology Biotrend
Download file Fuerstplast SME Testimony
Download file Le Fedou SME Testimony
Download file ALTERBIO SME Testimony
Download file Flash Focus L. Roumeas
Download file MS22 Seminar Minutes

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